U-RTK: Universal Real-time Kinematic


  • Precision surveying and mapping and stake out
  • Guidance, navigation, and tracking
  • Precision geo-referencing
  • Real-time control


  • One central device to operate all GNSS hardware
  • Turns any GNSS receiver into RTK capable
  • Windows-based simple software with lifetime free upgrade
  • Touch screen and built-in track-pad
  • Built-in 3.5G cellular-based communication link (TCP/IP and NTRIP)
  • USB serial communication for external radio
  • BINEX and RTCM 2.x 3.x universal formats
  • Receiver-specific formats (Topcon/Javad, NovAtel, Hemisphere, ...etc.)


GNSS receiver and software technology is currently the backbone of most surveying work, large and small. Real-time surveying applications require expensive equipment and skilled professionals because most of the work is done on the rover receiver. By inverting the roles of the rover and the base receivers, the survey can be done by lower cost receivers and less skilled field data collectors, in real time. This is done by running the RTK software engine on a central processing unit remotely connected to the base and the rover. Not only the CPU can do the job better, but also the crew chief can manage several crews remotely from the office. U-RTK enables the survey business to be more efficient.